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Product launch!

We are proud to present the Naveni ™ product family with three new products for in situ protein analysis.

NaveniFlex MM and NaveniFlex RR, for single antibody detection, provides an excellent alternative to validate your primary antibodies or for a highly sensitive screening of protein expression using specific antibodies.

NaveniFlex MR detects pairs of antibodies specific for your target of interest offering the highest sensitivity and selectivity for visualizing your proteins, protein interactions, or post-translational modifications.

For a limited time, we are offering a 30% price reduction on NaveniFlex reagent kits. This offer ends on May 31. Order your kit here

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Biomarker of the month – May 2020

Biomarker: Interaction of CA125/mesothelin
Tissue: ovarian cancer tissue

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Customer statement

“To my impression it is a lot better than every other PLA we have done before. The negative controls are nearly blank for the first time ever. This is a huge advantage of your kit because this was the main point with which we always struggled when analyzing the assay in a quantitative way” – Dr. Stefan Pusch

Department of Neuropathology at Heidelberg University

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Proximity ligation: A revolutionary protein detection technology – Made in Uppsala

Cellular processes can only be understood as the dynamic interplay of molecules. This means that we need accurate techniques to monitor interactions of endogenous proteins directly in individual cells and tissues, to reveal the cellular and molecular architecture and its responses to disturbances. Protein detection with higher sensitivity and specificity is a constant need in…

The importance of specific protein detection in ACE2 localization studies

Correct localization of proteins is critical for both the understanding and treatment of many diseases. High specificity immunoassays are of particular value for precision diagnostics use and in large-scale therapeutics development. The quality of these in situ protein detection assays depends mainly on the antibodies’ specificity against the target. Many commercial antibodies have low specificity,…

Detect phosphorylation with NaveniFlex proximity ligation

Protein phosphorylation has been the target of many drugs, both approved and under development, as well as diagnostics. Phosphorylation status lies beyond the capability of transcriptomics or genomics and is commonly addressed with antibody-based techniques. Most commercially available phospho-antibodies show a moderate-to-high lack of both specificity and sensitivity in immunostainings. It results in generating false-positive…

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Product User Guide

Complete information about the NaveniFlex products, with protocols and a troubleshooting guide

Laboratory instructions

Easy to follow instructions of how to perform a NaveniFlex experiment


Improved efficiency of in situ protein analysis by proximity ligation using UnFold probes. Klaesson et al. Sci Rep. 2018 Mar 29;8(1):5400. PMID: 2959943

NaveniFlex is used to study interactions in situ.

Mesothelin-CA125 interaction has been shown to play a role in ovarian carcinoma and the formation of metastasis. Are you studying CA125 and Mesothelin proteins in Ovarian cancer? Read more about their interaction here.

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